What if your Relationship is Going Wrong Direction? Ask Yourself About

What if your Relationship is Going Wrong Direction? Ask Yourself About As much as you try to keep things alright, are you still arguing and problems keep growing? Maybe it’s time to think about whether you are stuck in a relationship with the wrong person? At this point, TripTogether it is worth pausing and carefully considering a few points. In the following article you will find questions to ask yourself in times of doubt.

1. What Are My Beliefs About My Relationship?

Being in a relationship is very important for many people. There are even some who equate self-esteem with the status of their relationship. Even if you are not one of those types of people, it’s worth learning to be careful about what you really think about your relationship. Does it give you what you mean? What feelings and experiences does your current relationship provide? Do you like them? It is also useful to know what feelings and experiences should accompany you in a successful relationship?

2. Do I Know What my Ideal Relationship Would Look Like?

If you know what your ideal relationship is going to be, ask yourself how does this vision relate to the reality of your current relationship? Do your arguments arise as a result of a discrepancy between your fantasies and reality? Know that real relationships rarely meet our idealized expectations. Your high expectations may lead you to experience disagreements with your partner. They can also keep you from experiencing the joy of communicating openly, honestly, and truthfully.

3. What are My Ideas About My Partner?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of believing that you know the other person very well. You get to know her in several situations and you are already convinced that you know everything about her. Even more than herself. This is often a very dangerous tendency, especially for your partner. When you come to too quick conclusions about his character and inner life, you begin to see him through. TripTogether The limitations of your own “glasses” which are nothing more than your ideas about him. You don’t allow yourself to see and really experience it. Be attentive to notice whether you are present with your partner or whether you are attached to your image of the old image when you were just getting to know each other.

What if your Relationship is Going Wrong Direction Ask Yourself About

4. What Are My Ideas About Myself? – Relationship is Going Wrong

Just as you can be attached to your old notions of your partner, so can you be attached to your own image of yourself. You may feel that you have a specific role to play in a relationship, or that certain aspects of your personality are not or never will be enough. However, like any human being, you have great potential for change. When you focus on your own limitations, you take the first step towards overcoming them.

5. Am I Exaggerating the Matter? – Relationship is Going Wrong

Often, when you are worried, you can project your present feelings into the past and the future. For example, if you are angry because your partner didn’t help you vacuum the apartment, that feeling can reawaken old emotions about not being supported. Suddenly, instead of “you did not help me vacuum”, there is “you never help me” or “I can never count on you”. Try to be more attentive to what is actually happening here and now, to the truth of the situation. Focus on solving the current problem, not on digging up the past or projecting your suffering for the future. Thanks to this, you will avoid many conflicts and stay close with your partner.

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6. Are My Statements in Line with My True Feelings?

Do you express your feelings clearly or do you expect your partner to read your thoughts? When misunderstandings arise, can you see clearly and look at what you said instead of how you feel? Of course, there may be times when you do not know and understand what is going on in your head – then it is difficult to express yourself clearly. Even so, you can still say to your partner, “I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t make much sense to what I am saying, but I feel confused right now. ” Sometimes such a confession may allow you to move away from the border beyond which only an argument awaits.

Often it is precisely the inability to decide which way to go that causes us the most pain. Answering the above questions honestly can help you overcome a temporary impasse or crisis.

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