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Recent Reviews is set up to steal your money

It is set up to steal your money, chat does not even have to happen and you are being charged. They will not give a refund of the credits even after you prove there was a mistake.

xb1y42v - October 31, 2019
Its all about money

Its all about money you cannot see who likes you if indeed they do way too expensive with auto payments

dianablueil - October 31, 2019

Hilarious!!! If you like blue balls, join. I deactivated my account and the guy asked me what I think if he gave me 20 free credits. Told him I think pornhub is free without the blue balls. Lol. Du…. More

ten8er1wl7 - October 31, 2019
Fake. Hated it.

Can’t view profiles or messages unless you pay. Account can be deactivated ONLY if you lie and say you met someone on, to boost their ratings. Fake. Hated it. Deactivated after hal…. More

odvargr - October 31, 2019 is absolutely worst

Zero points, this app changes worse with every update, but the new messaging system is absolutely worst of all.

beefstew27kt - October 31, 2019 is a fake dating site

This site is a fake dating site where girls show themselves and you chat with a man worker situated in USA where the site originates.

nednihnd - October 31, 2019
It is a scam

Hey guys, THIS SITE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

boiteamalices6p - October 31, 2019
ChinaLove is a total ripoff

Absolute scam.most of these girls dont exist and many of them are paid by the agency to take your girl to watch out for is laura from quito id 1161854 she is paid to chat with you and tak…. More

beskrajanh4 - October 31, 2019

First and foremost, it doesn’t allow you the ability to choose. If you’re picky about dates, and a guy’s attractive qualities, you’re going to be sorely disappointed because the men seem to be enti…. More

sky86g2a9 - October 31, 2019
What a crap website.

What a crap website.

alablefapeb - October 31, 2019
Such a very bad site.

Such a very bad site. To many fake people. To many married women. To many just looking for sex it’s a shame cos it could be a good dating site just let down so badly. I didn’t realise how easy se…. More

etiskarm5 - October 31, 2019

The problem with and similar sites is that even the most average looking women will be bombarded with messages from guys just wanting to bang them. Women take this as genuine interest so …. More

ra2t1ellr0 - October 31, 2019