Men and women tapped by the

Posted On : July 29, 2019

Men and women tapped by the site to chat with paid members are very professional in making you believe that they are real in their intentions like face to face meeting , loving you very much, sending you recorded video but the same greetings for each video sent but they evade video chat , no proof of names given , emails , social media are forbidden , This is a fraudulent site and totally deceiving ! They will attract so you will pay credits to continue chatting . Different people chat with you to represent the person in the photo you chose . They don’t just rob you with money , time but can kill you with trauma and emotional pain . I kept a copy of all my experiences with this site . The site policy states that money will be refunded if complaints on deception are valid but I sent them several messages with details but they try to evade and play around my statements , I continue to pray for their souls .


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