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Conscious Relationships

A workshop I attended years back presented Conscious Relationships as a ‘dance between psychology and Grace’. The resounding message was that relationships offer us the opportunity to gauge where we are at with our spiritual and emotional evolution. It is a mirror that reflects back to our projections of what is going on internally. Accordingly, it affords us the ability to face our shadow aspects, with the potential for enhanced self-awareness and integration. Our awareness of excessive individualism, demanding dependency, lack of self-love, and self-defeating patterns emanating from one’s family of origin are critical to cultivating relationships of depth and consciousness.

Essentially, what we believe we deserve to have is what we create. As much as we all long to Russianbrides and be loved, we remain painfully perplexed as to how and why we make it difficult for people to love and respect us. When we take a closer look we discover that we sometimes hide our love due to a fear of rejection and pain. We mistake love as a quest to get what we refuse to give ourselves.

Conscious Relationships

The wounds we carry from internalized parental abuse convey the message that we are not worthy of being let in, being loved, being respected, or being accepted. So we engage in repetitious patterns of seeking love from those who are ill-equipped to convey love and respect. These wounds are enacted and reinforced by seeking redemption from those who are unable to love. Subconsciously we feel compelled to pursue others so as to heal shadow projections within the family system.

To break free of this futile pursuit, one is challenged to let go of any hope for a better past. Healing resides in redeeming oneself through love and acceptance of self and others. This is a critical step towards letting in something beautiful in the present.

Perceiving that our scared bond with Spirit is the foundation of all relationships is a trajectory to approaching all relationships as a source of love, meaning, healing, and growth. Ultimately practicing self-acceptance on the level of Grace, means committing to Spirit and oneself, that one’s deepest longings for a relationship of truth and light can eventually come to fruition.

Maintaining Romance in Relationship – Conscious Relationships

Relationships from normally keep suffering something close to burnout when all excitement seems to relax. It is at that time that you need to add extra spice. You can get a new burst of activity and enjoyment by reading these ideas.

Join and play games. You will have a great time together if you are able to bring out a childish spirit from within once again. It feels good to live as if you were kids again. Besides, it is not a law that only kids should play with pillows.

You can just as well go ahead and play the ˜childish’ games together. Cut the moments of boredom and inactivity with these. It is all about adventure and fun. Play card games to jog your mind. There are no restrictions as long as it is fun for both of you. It is all right just as long as the choice suits both partners.


Try sticking indoors and watching a movie. There is something different about watching movies together. It is fun unlike normal. Choose whether to have it at your house or whether to move to his house.

Your moods should be the ones that determine exactly what you are planning to watch. When your moods tell you that it is time for a scream and some heart-racing horror, do exactly that. If you are all about breaking the boredom with some rib-tickling, look for comedy-filled themes. When it is time for some lovely Dovey, go and get you a romance drama.

Take romantic baths together. It especially suits you if you are coming off a period of really hard work. You can use this to just enjoy the presence of each other and at the same time take a breather from hassles.

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Doesn’t all this just sound sexy? You can still turn the flames a notch higher and add onto the mix, a touch of candles to bring in more romance. Use scented ones if you can. Sprinkle around the room some flower petals to add to the site. The key is to experiment with tons of stuff.

One should just do simple things that they know can get a boyfriend excited. Quality time together is more like that if it happens to be with a lot of creativity.

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