I sure was scammed

Posted On : July 29, 2019

I found a superb lady and we wrote daily. When I told her I could not afford to keep writing so often she agreed. $10 to read a letter. $10 to send a letter. I thought I found a loophole as she had a daughter living in my country. I asked her to get her daughter to look up my number. She could not find it. I gave her my niece’s name. She could not find it. She said she wanted to keep her daughter out of it. I got suspicious. What daughter would not help her mother with her love? Searching for scam assistance on the net I came across an ad asking for people to write to clients on dating sites. I asked my lady why her profile said she was retired yet she still worked as she owned a jewellery shop she was going to sell. I knew then I was scammed. Also when I had contact with support they told me I needed 10 mails sent and received. I spent nearly $1000. $1000 divided by $20 in my math is far more than 10. Then they said I had to know the lady for 90 days and I had only known her for 30 days.
I am not an idiot but I sure was scammed.


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